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Emmie and Aari's Lotore [entries|friends|calendar]
Emmie and Aari's Lotore

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[28 May 2005|10:15am]

Hi baby. I just thought I'd write to you a little bit. I hope you made the train and that you have a good singing lesson. I really don't feel like doing front of house. I hate dealing with people and last weekend I just remembered how much I hate it like, from working at Woolworths and stuff ... and that's why I PIKED. Yeah?
I don't really know what else to say ... other than I realised that I've loved you for nearly four years.
I'm being healthy ... I just had two bowls of vita brits with banana and now I'm all full. Mmm I like being healthy.
This is my third day of health ... but today I'm cutting out all EXCESS OIL. I will not cook in it, but I'll imbibe avocado oil or fruit oil or anything tha I ingest naturally. But no excess. Also no added sugar. So no coffee!! Darn.
I know you'll probably never look at this. But maybe it will come as a surprise in like, a year.
Yay I love you bubba.
I feel like snuggling because last night I didn't snuggle with you. Hmm.
I have a cold. It's really annoying. Maybe it's not a proper cold but anyways. I think Poppie is doing front of house with us tonight.
Eeee it's a lovely saturday and I love you. EEee.
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